Operation: Summer Showers 2017 Feedback
North Plains Groundwater Conservation District has partnered with neighboring cities in the North Plains for the last 5 years to provide free water-saving survival kits for the program Operation: Summer Showers. Now we want to know what you think. Please be honest and direct in your answers.
Did you pick up a water conservation kit this summer, 2017?
Which Operation: Summer Showers' city do you live in?
How did you hear about Operation: Summer Showers?
Why did you take a Summer Showers kit? Select all that apply.
Did you install your low-flow shower head from the kit?
Have you used your rain/sprinkler gauge from the kit?
Have you used your drip gauge from the kit yet?
Have you used your leak detector tablet from the kit?
Is there something we are not providing in the kits that would benefit your water conservation needs?
Your answer
How beneficial do you perceive Operation: Summer Showers to be for your city's water conservation needs?
Not Very Effective
Extremely Effective
What changes, if any, would you make to Operation: Summer Showers?
Your answer
What do you like most about Operation: Summer Showers? Check all that apply.
Do you have any other suggestions?
Your answer
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