As a part of Arts Council Wales’ ambition to develop a sustainable vision for the Welsh language, the Council is undertaking an arts activities mapping project to provide as complete and up-to-date a picture as possible of what is currently happening across Wales.

The purpose of this research is to identify the current levels of arts activity in Welsh, focusing on activity not currently funded by the Council, in order to make recommendations to the Council about the way forward in line with its objectives. It is hoped that these findings will provide a solid data foundation on which we can build strategically in the future.

The information collected will lead to recommendations to be considered by Arts Council Wales.

The final report may be published on the Arts Council of Wales website and shared with key partners and stakeholders for the purpose of progressing any recommendations made. All quotations will be included in the Report on an anonymised basis.
Please tick the appropriate boxes below to indicate your consent for this information to be included in the report and to be contacted by representatives of the Arts Council of Wales to further discuss and develop progression of activity resulting from the findings and recommendations of the Report. 
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