Interview Questions. The form should be submitted from the perspective of just ONE of the couple as a spokesperson.
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I understand that stories that mention sex, kink, discipline, cross dressing, femdom or being feminized are not accepted on this site. I understand that this site is about LOVING female led relationships. My story will focus on how I have been empowered by my Loving FLR, how much I empower my partner with our Loving FLR or how I hope a Loving FLR will impact my life. *
I agree to respond to questions in a pleasant, conversational tone as though I am telling my story to a friend who admires me. I will write complete sentences and share details to paint a clear picture. *
Share a brief introduction about who you are your age, your location, your career paths and your personal interests. *
Ex: He's into woodworking while I love to travel. He is a chemist and I am a stay at home mom to our poodle!
Names *
First names are fine!
Tell me about your life before you met your current partner? Where were you in life? What were your goals? What were your relationships like in the past? Was your personality much different from the way it is today? *
How and when did you meet your current partner? What was different from other relationships? Was it love at first sight? What let you know that this was something special? *
How did your relationship transition into one that focused on the woman's happiness? How did he transition to being a supporter? Was it easy to make this transition? *
How is your relationship different from most relationships that you know of? *
What kinds of fun things do you and your partner do together to keep your relationship exciting? What are your favorite ways to enjoy the world? Who is more adventurous? *
Can you share details about a specific incident when the man placed the happiness of the woman as a priority and your family/relationship prospered because of it? *
How has being in a Loving FLR impacted your mental health and well-being? How do you people perceive you because of your satisfaction at home? How do you show appreciation for your partner? *
Is there anything a woman should do to be sure to intentionally partner with a man who fully supports her career or satisfaction? *
Why is the woman in this relationship a great fit for a Loving FLR? What qualities does he express admiration for? *
Why is your partner a perfect fit for this type of relationship? How did you recognize this? *
Are there any issues that come up that stand in the way of enjoying this relationship? How do you handle them? *
Can you share a story about a time when you felt that you were PROUD to be in a Loving Female Led Relationship? *
How do you handle conflict in your relationship? *
If you have children, do you believe your children are impacted in a negative or positive way by witnessing your relationship? Please share details about your opinion. *
What do you think would happen if MORE women required this type of relationship? How would it change society? *
What do you believe is the primary requirement for establishing this type of relationship? *
Can a woman force her partner to be supportive? *
How would your Mom and Dad react to the way your relationship is structured? *
How do your friends react to the way your relationship is structured? *
Is there anything else you would like to add to your story? What would you like men to know about how being supportive to a woman impacts the woman, the man and the world? *
How much of an impact does this relationship have on your happiness? *
Does not contribute to my overall happiness at all.
Is the main reason why I am fulfilled and happy in my life.
How would your life be different if you did not have this type of relationship? *
Do you agree to allow me to use this information in an upcoming report, blog post or book? *
Thank you for your time and for being a part of HERSTORY! *
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