Warband and Wasted Control Staff Application
Looking to become a staff member for Warband or Wasted Control? Here is the place! 
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Which game are you applying to? *
What is your IGN? *
What is the link to your Shotbow profile on the website?
What is your discord name? ex: GunOverdose#2134 *
What languages do you speak?  What languages can you read and write in? *
What type of Staff Member would you like to be? *
Why do you want to become a staff member?
Have you been banned before? If yes, please explain what for. *
What is your time zone region? *
Do you have any past experience as Staff on a server? If so, please explain what the position was and the required responsibilities.
Are you able to record and produce videos in decent quality and can you upload them to YouTube?
Staff members are expected to have a certain sense of professionalism. In your own opinion, is this sense of professionalism required when being "off-duty" (i.e, not currently engaged in Staff responsibilities)? Please explain your answer.
Do you understand that submitting this application does not automatically mean that you will be accepted?
**If Applying for Wasted Only** What, if any, classic Wasted games do you have experience with?
Provide any other information that you would like to be known, if it has not already been addressed previously in your application.
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