Konza Prairie Middle School Field Trip Post-Trip
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I like to go outside. *
When I go outside I see birds and other animals. *
I think Kansas is a great place to live. *
I think touching insects is gross. *
When I see trash on the ground I try to pick it up and throw it in the garbage. *
I’d rather be outside than inside. *
I think the grass and the hills around my town are pretty. *
I notice when plants in my neighborhood or yard are blooming. *
Bison are wild animals. *
The two main kinds of plants found in a prairie are trees and shrubs. *
Fire is always bad for a prairie. *
The best way to preserve a healthy, natural prairie is to leave it alone. *
Prairies are adapted for surviving a drought (long period of time without rain). *
The most important role for Konza Prairie is as a public park for people to visit and camp. *
Most of the original tallgrass prairie has been plowed into fields of corn and soybeans. *
The climate of the tallgrass prairie is changing all of the time and is hard to predict. *
According to this graph of rainfall at Konza Prairie, what year got the most rain? *
Captionless Image
According to the graph, what year got the least amount of rain? *
Captionless Image
After looking at the graph, which rainfall amount (from the choices below) seems like the best option for the “average” amount of rain we could expect at Konza Prairie? *
Captionless Image
Three years had rainfall that could be considered “average” at Konza Prairie. Which three years do you think they are? *
Captionless Image
Which two years would have been the best years for plant growth on Konza Prairie? *
Captionless Image
One year shows a drought on the prairie. Which year was that? *
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