How Strong Is Your Brand
A short questionnaire that helps executive leaders identify their company's brand strengths and areas for improvement.
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1. Our company has a documented brand strategy.
2. Our company's brand strategy is aligned with our business goals and objectives.
3. We use our brand strategy to drive marketing and sales messages.
4. Our company's brand strategy effectively attracts the level and type of clients we need to be successful.
5. No other company in our category could possibly use the same tagline we use.
6. We have defined value propositions per customer group and market segment.
7. Our company's tagline accurately summarizes the value we provide our customers.
8. Our company's tagline accurately summarizes our unique difference.
9. Within 5 seconds, visitors to our website understand; who we are, what we do that's different and how we make their lives easier.
10. My mother understands what my company does and how it's unique and can describe it in a sentence to her friends.
11. Our brand messages are consistent across ALL customer touch points from sales people to marketing materials to customer service.
12. We monitor, measure, and refine our marketing messages _________.
13. Our employee's work attire accurately reflects and supports the company brand.
14. We have built a culture that understands, communicates and believes in the value of our brand.
15. Our sales team communicates our main value messages consistently and to great effect.
16. Our sales team and our marketing team work in lock step with each other.
17. Our sales team can tell a prospect why we exist in about a minute or less.
18. Since branding our company sales have increased.
19. Branding has allowed us to optimize pricing, attract better talent, and effectively cross-sell our products / services.
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