[Knights Templar] membership application
[Knights Templar] is a gaming clan with religious elements. However, nothing too serious religious elements. The clan was founded 7th of August 2017. The main clan is located in the game called Warmerise. We have several hundred members from different nationalities. We also have a Discord server. You will get an invitation link to it if you join the clan. The one of goals of the clan is to combine gaming and religion. The player develops his/her gaming skills while at the same time he/she will understand and appreciate other cultures and religions. This will help build a global world and appreciating your own culture. The most important thing, of course, is to have fun. We try to help and protect normal players. We are fearless fighters who stand up for justice.
Required questions
You must answer the questions before you can join the clan.
1. What is your IGN? IGN is In Game Name. Your name in the game. *
2. What game [Knights Templar] clan do you apply to ? *
3. What is your KDR? KDR is Kill Death Ratio. You need to have 1.00 KDR or higher to join. *
4. Do you understand that this is a Christian clan? This means that ranks are ​​based on Christian history, rare use of Christian memes, rare use of Latin, Celebrating Easter and Christmas. *
5. If you are not a Christian, do you still want to join [Knights Templar]? There are members of several religions in the [Knights Templar]. So it does not matter if you are not a Christian. If you answer No you do not have to do rest of the test. *
6. Will you stay in the clan? *
7. Will you be loyal to the clan? *
8. Do you prefer to use automatic-weapons or semi-automatic-weapons or snipers? *
9. What is your goal in the clan? *
10. Where did you hear about the clan? *
Optional questions
You do not have to answer these if you do not want to.
11. How much is your FPS? FPS is Frames Per Second.
12. What computer do you use?
13. Do you have a Discord?
Clear selection
14. If you have a Discord what is your Discord name?
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