PCD @ MPLS – propose an unconference discussion session!
The morning session has been changed to an unconference format. This format provides an opportunity for any attendee to lead discussions, present work, teach workshops and devise new models for effective communication. We will use a ‘wiki’ format, meaning that the schedule of discussion will be constructed and edited by the attendees themselves, based on their shared enthusiasms and interests.

Once the schedule is created during the 9:30-10am social time, we will break out into smaller groups to discuss topics which resonate within our local community. Please bring along any topics you'd like to discuss!

We changed the format from talks to discussion to better foster community and to provide a place for expanded discussion within the Twin Cities creative community with regards to art, code, activism, education, and/or creative technology in general. We've found this community can be hard to pinpoint in the Twin Cities, and we'd love to provide a place & opportunity to strengthen it!

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