Fall 2022-2023 Registration- Youth Program
Important Dates

Fall Session Monday September 12th- Friday December 23rd 2022
Giselle Union City Ballet Festival Saturday September 24th 2022 6pm
Thanksgiving Break Thursday, November 24th - Friday November 25th 2022
Winter Break  Saturday December 24th- Sunday January 1st 2023

Please note:
In order for students to receive the optimal benefit from their dance training:

Level 1 students should take two classes per week.
Level 2 students should take 3 classes per week
Level 3 students should take 5 classes per week

All students are strongly encouraged to try the other disciplines apart from ballet! Dancers these days are expected to be strong in all areas when they go to college and beyond!

A note on policy:
Unfortunately we cannot allow prorating for missed classes. All missed classes must be made up in the same semester. Students must to commit to either in-studio or virtual training, it does not benefit the student or the school to have inconsistent attendance. We are following all COVID related guidelines. Should the school have to close, classes will continue virtually and we cannot offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding!
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In-Studio Training
Please note that all in-studio kids classes are being held at 527 40th St, 2nd Floor Union City New Jersey 07087
We look forward to re-opening the NYC locations as soon as possible <3

In-Studio Tuition Fall 2023 (15 Weeks)

1 class/week $270
2 classes/week $513
3 classes/week $729
4 classes/week $918
5+ classes/week $1080
Virtual Training
A link will be sent to you 30 min before class begins. Please be sure to check your spam and make sure that your browser is the most recent version. Be sure to try refreshing the page and clearing your browsing history as a first troubleshooting step. If you are late, or should you not receive a link, please text 619.655.0056 ASAP so the administrator can admit you to the class. Students must wear proper uniform for Virtual lessons.

Virtual Tuition Fall 2023 (15 Weeks)

1 class/week $135
2 classes/week $256.50
3 classes/week $364.50
4 classes/week $459
5+ classes/week $540
Class Schedule Please Choose From The Following & List Which Your Child Will Attend :)
Studio 1

4-5 Level 1 Ballet (ages 8-10)
5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)
630-730 Pre-Pointe/Pointe (by invitation)

4-5 Level 1 Ballet (ages 8-10)
5-630 Level 2/3 Ballet (ages 12-15)
630-830 Children’s rehearsal (Level 2/3)

4-5 Level 2 Ballet (ages 9-11)
5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)

4-5 Level 1 Ballet (ages 8-10)
5-630 Level 2/3 Ballet (ages 12-15)

4-5 Level 2 Ballet (ages 9-11)
5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)

10-11 Body Conditioning (level 2/3-adult)
11-1230 Beg Ballet (level 2/3-adult)
1230-2 Open Company Class (level 3-adult)
2-5 Company Rehearsal

Studio 2
4-5 primary A Jazz (ages 4-5)
5-6 level 2 Jazz (ages 9-11)

4-5 Level 3 Body Conditioning (ages 12-15)
5-6 Level 1 Jazz (ages 8-10)

430-530 Primary B/C Jazz (ages 6-8)
530-630 Primary B/C Ballet (ages 6-8)
630-730 Level 3 Contemporary (ages 12-15)

4-5 Level 3 Body Conditioning (ages 12-15)
5-6 Level 1 Hip Hop (ages 8-10)
630-730 Level 2/3/Teen Hip Hop (ages 11-15)

4-5 Mommy and Me Ballet (ages 1-3)
530-630 Primary A Ballet (ages 4-5)

1030-1115 Pre-Primary (ages 3-4)
1115-1215 Primary Level Jazz/Tap Combo (ages 4-7)
From The Schedule Above Which Classes Will Your Child Attend? *
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If new to ALB, please list students previous dance training; where & how long. *
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Virtual or In-Studio?
Waiver and Releases
Please also see school policies below.
I acknowledge that there are risks associated with, arising out of and inherent to the activity of dance.  I knowingly and voluntarily waive all right and/or cause of action of any kind, including any and all claims of negligence arising as a result of such activity from which liability could accrue to American Liberty Ballet, it's officers, agents, employees, instructors, subsidiaries, parent corporations and all affiliated entities (hereinafter collectively referred to as "ALB").  I knowingly assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in dance of behalf of the participant. I release ALB of all liabilities associated with my and/or my child's attendance at ALB classes and events. I am aware that this is a release of liability and acknowledgement of my assumption of all risk.  I have signed this document voluntarily in exchange for the privilege of participation.  I also give ALB permission to use my/my child's picture and/or video in or on any form of advertisement and class archival footage for ALB classes and any events.  If I am the participant's parent/guardian the participant has my permission to participate in ALB classes and events.  I warrant the information provided on this form is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.  (Please type name and date below) *
ALB Policies & Code of Conduct Agreement
Please read over the following school policies and sign on the next page.

Tuition & Late Fees
-Tuition is due at the time of enrollment
-Tuition will be prorated for students who register after the season begins.
-Tuition payments are non-refundable, non-transferable and refunds will not be given except in the case of students needing to transfer from In-studio to Virtual due to COVID-19. There are no refunds for missed classes, however make-up classes can be arranged with the office in any similar level and age group.
- Make all checks payable to "American Liberty Ballet”. Please write student(s) name on
the check.
- We do accept all major credit cards.
- Any student wishing to withdraw mid-semester is still responsible for the full semester’s tuition. Exceptions may be made by directors discretion.
- ALB is not responsible for keeping track of missed classes

Class Rules
• Students are expected to arrive at class on time. Those who arrive more than 15 min late for class must watch and take notes on the class.
• Appropriate and respectful language and behavior is expected at all times in the studio and outside
of the studio, to their peers and teachers. Bad attitudes and/or behavior will not be tolerated and may
lead to disciplinary action and/or dismissal.
• Students are expected to attend all classes. Attendance will be taken and any student who has
multiple unexcused absences may not participate in performances, at ALB staff
• If a student is not dancing due to injury, lateness, etc. we encourage them to attend the class so that
they may watch and take notes.
• Students are required to wear their proper dance attire for every class. Hair must be secure in a tight
bun. Do not wear jewelry of any kind. Tiny ear studs are acceptable. Any student not dressed
appropriately will only be allowed to participate in class at the ALB teacher’s discretion.
• If your child is ill, or if your child has missed school due to being ill, we would appreciate if you kept
her/him home from class as to not spread germs to other students.

Schedule & Make-up Classes
• ALB follows the Union City Public Schools Holiday Schedule.
• There will be no classes if Union City Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather. Likewise,
there will be no afternoon classes if there is an early dismissal.
• Classes that have been cancelled due to inclement weather or other circumstances will be made up
at the end of the year.

Cancellation Policy
The class schedule and teachers are subject to change. ALB reserves the right
to cancel any class due to insufficient registration. Students will receive a full refund if the class is cancelled due to insufficient registration.

Pre-Primary: clothes the dancer feels comfortable moving in, ballet slippers recommended
Primary A-Primary C: pink tights, pink leotard, pink ballet slippers, pink ballet skirt, hair in a bun
Levels 1-2: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, optional white or black skirt (center only), hair in a bun
Level 3: Burgandy leotard, pink tights, pink slippers, optional white or black skirt (center only), hair in a bun
Levels 4+: any colored leotard and skirt, pink tights, hair in a bun

Fitted clothes that the dancer can move in, barefoot.

Black leotard, black jazz pants, black split sole jazz shoes, hair neatly pulled back

Hip Hop
Comfortable loose fitted clothing, and sneakers

COVID Precautions
When required by state/local mandates, masks must be worn, and all social distancing and hand washing guidelines must be followed. Parents/visitors should drop off and pick up students downstairs to minimize the amount of people in the facility whenever possible. Classrooms are sanitized in between classes.
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