Lamas 2016 @Kawashaway
YooHoo! Hear the call!

The 27th annual gathering of Northwoods Faeries is Friday 5th - to - Sunday 14th August, 2016 @ Our Land No Place Between.

The vision of our Sanctuary: Our heavily wooded Land, on a small beaver-habitat lake in the Superior National Forest, is a minimally tamed, rather rustic, and well beloved spot. Our vision since 1989 has been to preserve the Sanctuary land and water as a safe place - apart from yet very connected to the wider worlds - as a place-between of emotional and spiritual well-being for loving, healing, playing, and working together in cooperation, as a community of kindred fae souls.

The vision of our Gathering: A co-created temporary autonomous community involves everyone. Expect to spend an hour or two each day taking care of things other than your awesome self. It may be preparing dinner or washing dishes, building a fire, running a workshop, or other inspired or absurd leadership. The more-experienced help the less-experienced get dialed in on how things happen. When we all accept co-equal responsibility for our gathering, the basic needs of all gathering-goers can be met in a spirit of playful cooperation. As an experiential co-creation, YOUR attendance is what makes this event all the more rich for each of us. Your creative, powerful self, no matter what level of previous fae/magik/spiritual experience, is welcome.

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The Screenhouse awaits our faerie energies!
The Nitty & the Gritty:
Tents are the thing. Kawashaway offers a rustic, primitive camping environment. Showers are a communal effort of pumping water from our well into Lola & Trixie (two large tanks) that get heated by a woodfire. There are two outhouses on the land. Our very little indoor sleeping space is only made available to those who truly need it. Those fitting the category of needing special accommodations will figure out in community who stays where & when. Please remember during Gatherings, capable faes cannot expect to stay in the Shaquetoe.

Meals are envisioned and realized by a meal Mom: Each brunch and dinner calls for Mom (that's you volunteering, friends) plus a few choppers/stirrers. Please plan to assist with at least one meal. Plan to do dishes a few times as well. Basic staple items will be arranged, and we are currently "in process" on how perishables will get provisioned. In recent years our "un-gatherings" have experimented with BYO what you like to cook, and our amazing talents & tastes comingle to voila some yummy feasts. Stay tuned for Pantry & Food Planning details.

How do I get there?
If you need a map and/or directions to the Sanctuary, be sure to request it while registering. The Sanctuary is around a 5-hour drive north of the Minneapolis - St. Paul International airport and around a 2-hour drive from Duluth. We strongly encourage ridesharing: Parking is limited, as is our planet's resources. Our Kawshaway book o' faces page is the best place to yooohoo to offer or seek a ride.

OK, are there "rules"? A few:
-Firearms are dangerous and unnecessary at Kawashaway, so possession of any kind of gun at the Sanctuary is unacceptable. Hunting is not allowed at Kawashaway. Toy guns are discouraged.
-Physically striking or in any way assaulting people or things (other than your own possessions) is unacceptable. The following are also considered violent: intimidation; stalking; defacing or destroying objects, nonconsensual sexual behavior; verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse. Violence is not tolerated against plants, animals, facilities, or the land. Consensual S&M activity should not be construed as violent.
-Taking things that belong to others, or which belong at the Sanctuary, is not acceptable. If you want something, ask; anything else is dishonest and disrespectful.
-Fires are only permitted in designated places. Forest fire is a danger anywhere in the Northwoods, open fires are not allowed at campsites. Candles at campsites must be in enclosed containers and only in use while occupied.
-No pets are allowed at Kawashaway during the Gathering. Service animals may be accommodated, but please be mindful the land is bordered by wild places.
-An alcohol and recreational drug free environment is encouraged.

Mostly, though, the 'rule' is to co-create a fabulous, fun, healing, heart-opening and connecting time together!

Please do let us know you're coming. Scroll to the bottom of the page to SUBMIT! Thanks, dahlings!

WooHoo I wanna be there!
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REMINDER: Please post your offers of rides to other faes on the Kawashaway FB page. Please check below if:
Kawashaway - the place, the community, the gathering is a self-supporting space. The infrastructure of our rustic spot is modest but requires some green energy (aka $$). We request $35 for registration, plus $15/night for each night (or day) on the land to defray community costs.
We want this event to be accessible no matter what an individual fae's ability to pay. So notaflof ~ no one turned away for lack of funds. If you are hesitating to register based on your finances, honey, just sign up — pay a little, pay a lot, pay now, pay later.
Please visit to pay what you can in advance. Payment can be made at gathering by check/cash.
Thank You!
a rainproof tent
sleeping bag/bedding
warm clothes (layers)
extra socks
mosquito/tick repellent
pretty (?) outfits
ideas for workshops
willingness to chip in and help
flashlight and extra batteries
rain gear, including waterproof boots or shoes
fun stuff to do and materials to share
drums and other acoustical instruments
auction item(s)
still more love, Honey

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