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Y-A-Y!  On behalf of the 70,000+ residents of District 10, we thank you for showing interest in the SHINE BLIGHT! campaign.  Over the next 3 months, we are acting to address blight across our communities.  

The boundaries of District 10 extend from Hamilton to Graceland; South Memphis to Cherry Road; the Coliseum to the FedEx hub.  Locate your Shelby County district here: 

Phase One (Sep-Oct): Locate resident leaders.  Begin fundraising process. 
Phase Two (Oct-Nov): Identify overgrown lots.  Get pricing from service providers.  Cut lots of grass! 
Phase Three (Nov-Dec): Evaluate.  Report findings to the public. 

The Shine Blight! campaign will roll out in THREE phases.  At each step, we will need different stakeholders to assist us in reaching our goals.  In December, we will showcase our findings to the public.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Commissioner Britney Thornton via phone at 901-300-6621 or via email at 

The first step is always the hardest.  We look forward to learning with you! 
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In honor of the light and legacy of Eliza Fletcher.  May light always outshine the darkness in South Memphis and beyond.  
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