DANCE Gifted Recommendation Form
Grades 4-`12
Wayne County School District

Dance performing arts ability means possessing either the potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level and demonstrating the potential for outstanding aesthetic production accomplishment or creativity.

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To the best of your ability, please complete the following checklist of dance characteristics:
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Enjoys forms of dancing and movement to music *
Uses movement to recreate an emotion or environment *
Able to think of many ways of solving movement problems *
Displays grace and fluidity of movement *
Likes to dance for other people *
Masters basic dance skill quickly and easily *
Enjoys spending time watching others dance *
Improvises to music *
Communicates to others through dance *
Is good at imitating movement of others *
Has awareness of line and design of body of space *
Deals effectively with own center of gravity *
Appears to feel rhythm of music *
Can easily change direction, level, and focus of movement *
Experiences great joy in movement *
Participates in dance club or team *
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Appears comfortable/confident in own body *
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