Tablet Command Mobile Application
This application is used to apply for Tablet Command Mobile. TC Mobile is an iOS based application that is connected to SMCo CAD via a contract with San Mateo County Fire Chiefs. All active fire personnel (with department approval) can use TC Mobile on their personal phone.

TC Mobile utilizes the device’s “Location Services”, but does not record or report your personal location to employer or any other users.

This program is completely voluntary and is not required for employment. If you have any questions, please contact your agencies MobileTech Representive prior to completing this form.

Program Requirements:

1. Must be an iPhone or Android.
2. Must have a 4 digit security code on phone.
3. Must be enrolled in Apple's “Find my iPhone” or Google's "Find my Device" service.
4. Must be willing to notify department representative immediately if phone is lost or missing.
5. Must use department email for enrollment.
Email address *
Tablet Command Mobile
I am requesting access to TC Mobile on my personal phone? (If “No” please DO NOT continue form) *
I have a passcode lock on my phone? (If “No” you are not eligible for TC Mobile access) *
I am enrolled into Apple’s “Find my iPhone” or Google's "Find my Device" service? (If “No” you are not eligible for TC Mobile access)
I understand that I am required to notify department Mobile Tech representative if I have lost or change my device? *
Contact Information:
If device is lost or changed, please send notification to

If you have met all requirements of this application you will be notified by your MobileTech representative with credentials for TCMobile.

Once your login credentials have been supplied, you will need to download “Tablet Command Mobile” from the App Store on device.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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