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 Terms & Conditions: i) In agreeing to be part of the QPOC Project Whatsapp Group chat (henceforth referred to as WGC) you agree to adhere to the following policy, ii) All participants in the WGC must be over 18 years of age and identify as a QPOC and hold membership at the QPOC Project, iii) The spirit of the WGC is to encourage the development of a support network and communication between Queer People of Colour and all members must speak to one another with the highest sense of respect and dignity, iv) The WGC, in the exact same way as any in-person event, is to be a safe space for Queer People of Colour as such all members are to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Zero-Tolerance policies as outlined in the aforementioned policy, v) Should there be any violation of the aforementioned policies or any behaviour that is deemed to threaten the sanctity of the safe-space of the WGC, the QPOC Project reserves the right to immediately remove the member from the WGC and suspend membership as is deemed necessary, vi) There shall be no pornographic or overtly-sexual material distributed or discussed within the WGC, vii) Members must add trigger warnings to messages which detail sensitive issues that in the reasonable person’s view could be likely to trigger other members, viii) Members must not, under any circumstances disclose personal information, such as location, address, family name etc to the group chat, either of themselves or of other members, ix) The QPOC Project reserves the right to remove any participant from the WGC at any time should they violate any of our policies or should they be deemed unsuitable for the chat, x) Should any member have a concern with regards to the behaviour or conduct of a member on the WGC they are asked to message a member of the Senior Management Team who will take the appropriate action, xi) Any opinions expressed are the opinions of individual members, The QPOC Project is not responsible for any comments posted by individual members of the group, xii) Inappropriate posts include using inappropriate language, insulting messages, or any breach of the aforementioned policies will result in the transgressor being removed from the group chat, xiii) Should any member be asked by a Senior Management Member to remove a message from the WGC they must do so with immediate effect or they will be removed and banned from the WGC,xiv) Should any member have any concern or issue with regards to their mental health they are advised to kindly message a member of the committee who will direct them to the relevant members of the Welfare Division.

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