Progress Report for Music Lessons & Classes
Please complete your forms by MONDAY, APRIL 3rd (or sooner if they are ready). Thanks!

Information to include in your comments & recommendation:

A few sentences to give feedback to the students and parent:
-- Positive accomplishment
-- Something to work on phrased in a positive manner, for example: “Sarah would benefit from scheduling a practice time into her schedule for more consistent practicing” INSTEAD OF “Sarah needs to practice more if she wants to get better.”
-- Positive compliment

A sentence or two highlighting importance of summer lessons:
-- Summer lessons help students continue progressing instead of being frustrated when they come back in the fall and can’t play as well.
-- Brand-new students who start in the spring forget too much by August if they miss summer lessons
-- Summer lessons are a great time to work on technique (or sight-reading, or improv) that we don’t always have time for during the school year with the demands of school orchestra, band, and choir music.
The encouragement from you makes a huge difference in encouraging summer enrollment! We now assume students will be taking over the summer unless they tell us otherwise. Your help in talking up summer lessons will go a long way towards keeping a fuller summer schedule.

***If you wish the student to take a longer lesson, this is the place to recommend it***

We’ll give the progress reports back to you in time for the mini Parent/Teacher conferences at the end of April. You’ll have a chance to talk through the progress report with your students’ parents when they come to the lesson.

WANT TO FILL OUT THE TECHNICAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS? Fill out the check-boxes on the paper form, and Paige can copy your comments from this Google Form to the paper form.
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