Membership Application Questionnaire
The following questions are intended to determine your level of awareness of health and safety requirements for responsible piercing. Please type your responses and include the questions with your answers in an essay style format.

**Each applicant MUST complete the questionnaire in their own words. NO GROUP QUESTIONNAIRES WILL BE ACCEPTED!**

Email address *
What is your name? *
List all equipment and surfaces in your studio that are sterile. *
When do you consider items sterile and under what circumstances are they no longer sterile? *
Describe the procedures used to process and sterilize the following:
-- Piercing needles *
-- Contaminated tools *
-- Equipment in your studio *
Define disinfect. *
What materials, equipment, or surfaces in your studio do you disinfect? *
Describe the products and procedures used to disinfect objects or surfaces in your studio and the frequency in which they are used. *
Define contaminated and describe the concept of cross-contamination. *
Describe when and how you wash your hands (please be specific about technique and products used). *
When and under what conditions is it necessary to change your gloves? *
List three blood-borne pathogens, briefly define them in your own words, and explain how they pertain to our industry. *
How is jewelry processed prior to insertion into a new piercing?
-- New jewelry *
-- Previously worn jewelry *
How is previously worn jewelry processed prior to insertion into a healed piercing? *
List the products and describe the procedures used for tissue preparation before:
-- Oral piercing *
-- Body piercing *
-- Stretching and/or jewelry change *
How many times are piercing needles used before being disposed and how do you dispose of them? *
What protocol do you have in place for a needlestick? *
Do you use a piercing gun for any type of piercing? *
-- If so, how is the piercing gun cleaned between uses?
Do you use any type of anesthetics? *
-- If so, please describe the method and product(s) used.
What other non-piercing services are offered in the piercing room? *
What are the specifications for jewelry that you insert into new piercings? *
List acceptable jewelry materials and design styles. *
Please describe your piercing apprenticeship/training:
-- Duration *
-- Location *
-- Curriculum *
To perform body piercing list how you are:
-- Certified *
-- Licensed *
-- Legally qualified *
-- Regulated *
List all of the continuing education you have received. *
What is your policy on piercing persons under the age of eighteen? *
Under what circumstances would you refuse to perform a piercing? *
Mistakes happen. If a piercing does not come out as planned, how do you deal with the situation? *
List the qualities that you feel are important as a piercer. *
Please describe what a good bedside manner is. *
What do you hope to achieve by becoming a member of the APP? *
Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how to better the APP? *
Do you have any specific talents or skills that you would like contribute to help benefit the APP such as writing or computer skills? *
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