Building A Dream Together!
So, you have been working hard to make a living, to survive, to be just okay.
Or, perhaps, you have been chasing a dollar.

  • Let me ask you this: "How LONG have you been suppressing your TRUE desires for?" 
  • How long have you been hating your commute, your cubicle, your limited life, your driveway? 
  • Every time you go on vacation you feel like "YES, THIS IS FOR ME!", "I can do this year-round", right?
Well, welcome to the dream-come-true Joyful Business By Design year-long program where we allow ourselves to first create the LIFESTYLE we dream about having, then we create and EXECUTE the roadmap to this lifestyle, TOGETHER. You're always with ME, and others who are along their path to TIME AND LOCATION FREEDOM.

The program is flexible, intuitive, is designed to be effective for anyone who's a complete beginner in an online business world, or those who already have an online business or brand. 

Here is your opportunity to find out more about the OUTCOMES of the program, and how it can HELP YOU LIVE THE DREAM, instead of dreaming on repeat & wasting away your precious years. YOU CAN LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT, and you won't have to spend 1000's of hours learning yet another vague strategy, left alone to execute, without guidance or support.
Positive Impact Circle is a community that 'takes you by the hand' and helps you succeed, and I personally make sure you get ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED along the journey to your dream life.

Please go ahead and book a discovery call with me to see if this program is for you, no obligation, no pressure, no commitment. 

"Positive Impact TV" welcomes you to connect with us on Social Media via PITV and enjoy our inspiring and educational content in the meantime.
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