Exeter Street Hall – A Community Resource
Your Opinion Counts

Can you spare 10 minutes to give us your views on the future use of Exeter Street Hall? If you can, please complete this questionnaire and provide your valued feedback to TheHallGetInvolved.

Section 1. How do you currently use Exeter Street Hall?
1. Are you aware of the Exeter Street Hall as a venue within the community (please tick)
2. How often (if ever) do you use the Hall (please tick)?
3. Have you ever used the hall for any of the following? (tick all that apply)
4. If you do not use the Hall, please let us know why (tick all that apply).
Section 2. How would you like to use the Hall in the future?
5. In your opinion, how important is the Hall as a community resource (please tick)?
6. If any of the following activities/services were available at the Hall, which would you or your household use (tick all those that apply)?
7. If the above activities/services were offered, how often would you (or your household) use the Hall (please tick)?
8. Would you consider hiring the Hall for private/group use if it was renovated and updated (please tick)?
If you have specific ideas for improvements, please briefly describe under Other
If you have specific ideas for improvements, please briefly describe.
Your answer
Section 3. Providing Equality of Access at the Hall
We want to make sure that our Hall is accessible and useful to all the community. To do this we need to know as much as we can about residents in Prestonville.
9. Does your home include any of the following (please tick all that apply):
10. Are you a carer for someone either within your household or the community (please tick)?
11.Your Ethnic Group ( Please tick the option that best describes your ethnic group or background):
12. Your age (please tick):
13. Your Gender (Please Tick):
14. Your religion (please tick):
15. Your Sexuality (tick all that apply):
16. Does anyone in your household have any disability or health issues (tick all that apply)?
Please tick which road or block of flats you live in
Thank you for completing the questionnaire
Feedback from the survey will be summarised on the website.
If you want to find out more about the TheHallGetInvolved and are happy to share your contact details, please complete the box below. If you wish to remain anonymous you do not need to fill in these details.
You can also email your details to secretary@exeterstreethall.org and we will be in touch.
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