Art & Art History Department Feedback Form
Hello all! We are your 2020-2021 Peer Advisors for the Department of Art & Art History. Beginning this year, your Peer Advisors will represent the undergraduates in the department at faculty meetings. And so, we want to know if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns about your experiences in the department. We will bring your feedback to the attention of the faculty and staff. You are also welcome to come to Peer Advisor Office Hours if you'd prefer.

More info here:

-Ariela Algaze, Peer Advisor for Art History
-Jacky Garcia Peraza, Peer Advisor for Art Practice
-Danika Lyle, Peer Advisor for Film and Media Studies
All questions are optional. Feel free to respond to all or just one. We look forward to reading your responses and bringing your feedback to faculty and staff.
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What do you think is going well in the department?
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Do you have any questions, feedback, or concerns you would like the Peer Advisors to bring to attention to the department?
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