Fight Shirt Design Application
Thank you for your interest designing your next fight shirt with The Scrap. We strive to build the go-to MMA and Pro Wrestling news source and we can't do that without you.

- Design the front and back of your fight shirt at a low cost
- Promotion on our social media sites of your upcoming fight
- Constant collaboration until final product and sponsorships are solidified
- Access to our audience
- Sources where you can print your shirts

Submissions to this form do not guarantee approval of your design request. The answers to these questions are used for preliminary screening. If selected, you may be emailed follow-up questions. All submissions receive a response within 48-72 business hours.

- Your fight or event must be more than a month away
- The Scrap does not print your shirts - we only supply the design
- You must allow our logo on your shirt to obtain the discounted low price
- The more colors you have on your shirt - the more expensive it comes out to be
- Your design cannot violate copyright terms

- If you add The Scrap's logo to your shirt: $25
- If you choose to not add our logo: $50
**we accept Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal.

If you have any questions or would like to follow up on the status of your request, please contact

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