What Does “Welcoming And Inclusive Community” Mean To You?
When you imagine a welcoming and inclusive community and workplace, what comes to your mind? What are some of your experiences from living in Terrace? What do you suggest? These are some of the questions in this Skeena Diversity's survey. We very much appreciate your input.
First, Tell us a bit about yourself:
How long have you lived in Canada?
How long have you lived in Terrace?
Where did you move to Terrace from:
If you were not born in Terrace, what brought you here?
Your experiences
What are three things that you like about Terrace (what impressed you most):
What are things (services, activities, infrastructure, etc.) you miss most?
What are top three issues that need to be addressed to make Terrace a more welcoming and inclusive community?
Have you experienced/observed racism or discrimination in Terrace within the last three years?
Tell us as much as you feel comfortable to share:
What is most important for you and your family to feel welcome and included in a community?
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