Join the Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans
To formally join the Water Collaborative, please fill out the form below with either your organization's information or your personal information. Also, please indicate which working group(s) you would like to join; you will be contacted by that group(s) organizer regarding any upcoming meetings.

As a member of the Water Collaborative your organization/you will:
- Support the Vision Statement:
- Agree to receive and share information with the collaborative
- Participate in one or more working groups (research and policy, advocacy,
community education, or builders and designers)
- Agree to be listed as a member of the collaborative (Note: this does not
automatically imply endorsement of any specific positions,
policies, issues, etc.)

Benefits of membership include:
- Receiving collaborative communications and information
- Opportunities to participate in social events and professional development
events organized by the collaborative
- Access to the resources of the collaborative, including the expertise of other
members as well as tangible resources
- Participating in collaborative-wide decision making, including priority setting
and the planning of public outreach events

Thank you for joining the Water Collaborative!

For more information visit our website, email nathan[at] or phone 504-233-4347.

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