Marvelous Mania - Category Configuration
Before You Begin
The link is provided so that everybody can see what they need to set up a category. We only accept submissions from Organizers we have been working with and give authority to submit the form. All other submissions will be ignored.

Marvelous Mania reservers the right to limit how many categories are shown on the HUD at any time.
Do you have an existing category?
If you have an existing Category, and only need to make a few changes for the next iteration, send us a notecard with the differences. Note, when the next category is created, you will get a different Category Secret.
The Basics
What is your user name? *
Your First and Last name of your user account, do not use your display name. This is so that we can tie your submission with your name.
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What is the Full Name of the Category *
This the name of your category, it can be up to 60 characters in length. This name appears on the HUD and on the Website. If this is a recurring category, please include the Month, Day or Week and Year. Example "Jane's Monthly Fair - September 2018" or "Jill's Weekly Sales - September 7, 2018"
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What is the Main Website for your Category or Brand? *
This can be a blog, google page, flickr site, etc. This URL is shown on the
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What is the UUID of the Category's Image? *
It must be square 512x512 with no transparent pixels.
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Description *
On the kiosk, a user can get more information about the category with a button called "Info". This is the text that they see. Also, if your category is Public, this text appears on our website in the description field. If you don't need this enter "No additional information was provided." (Up to 400 characters can be specified).
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What is your Category "Short Name"? *
The Category "Short Name" appears on the HUD on the Categories Tab. In the picture below "Art Galleries" is the Short Name. You can use 15 to 20 characters, but try to keep the name to 15 characters. The reason you can use up to 20 is if you use more thinner "i" and "1" characters and fewer wider "m" or "w" characters.
Captionless Image
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What is your Category "Item" Name? *
Item name is what you want to call the items in your category. Names such as "Item", "Location", "Venue", "Store", "Designer", etc. are typical. In the picture in the previous question the Category's Item Name is "Gallery"
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Can tokens be transferred? *
If No, default, means the person who bought the token owns it forever. Important, administrators are not immune from this feature!
How do you want to sort the items in the category? *
Note: If you are using Index Sorting and want your sponsors to appear first in the ads, we recommend that the administrator grabs several tokens from the kiosk, one for each sponsor. As you get the folders, rename them for the order you want the sponsors to be listed. Alternatively, you create an "!AccessList" with the sponsor names it it, and allow them to get the tokens from the kiosk, when they have been obtained, remove the Access List for the rest. (See Security).
Is your Category Public? *
If your category is public, where to residents get tokens?
This can be a SLURL (in-world location), URL (google form), URI (avatar identifier) or a description. Use "TBD" if you don't know yet. No answer is required if you selected "No".
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Internet Related Settings
What is your website page name? *
The name given for the website page that is generated for the category. Any spaces you use will be substituted with a dash ("-"). This is an example of what the website category listing looks like: (where "ScenicLocations" is the website page name).
Your answer
Do you want your Category to be published on our HTML Index? *
Do you want to create your own CSS? *
The CSS will allow you to create your own branded color scheme on individually listed categories. You will have to know how to make your own CSS files, we don't provide support for that. For a tutorial visit: Note: Your scheme is excluded when the event appears on our index of categories.
Item/Token Limits
What is the maximum number of items in your category? *
25 to 999 are valid values. We strongly recommend you keep the number of advertisements under 200. We charge for a minimum of 20 tokens, but only charge for the tokens you actually use.
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What is the maximum number of items each resident in your category is allowed to have? *
1 to 8 are permitted
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You can secure your kiosk with group security. When Group Security is:
* ON - the kiosk tests to make sure the person clicking the kiosk has their tag set to the same group as the kiosk.
* OFF - any Resident can click the kiosk.

When the kiosk is open to the public, you can create two different types of notecards. The notecards are a list of user names (name or first.last). You can use the lists with Group Security for special security needs. If you need more than 100 names on either of these lists, we recommend you use a group instead. It's easier to manage.
(1) "!AccessList" - Identifies who can access the kiosk.
(2) "!BannedList" - Identify who is not allowed to use the kiosk

Administrators can restart the scripts from the menus; usually needed if you change category settings after you started accepting tokens; such as the total allowed tokens. Administrators can also get as many tokens as they want, regardless of the limit. When they get a token, they are asked for the name the token is for (for record keeping) (It's shown as the "Buyer" on the CSV export). You can get who the person is when you do a CSV export. See for info on how to get a CSV export.

Currently it is possible for tokens to be transferred between residents. If you have group security on and a resident transfered their token to somebody outside of the group, you can use the CSV to find out who bought the original token to decide what actions to take, if any.
Do you need Group Security turned on? *
Typically a group is assigned when a kiosk is rezzed on a parcel. This is a category setting that when ON, the kiosk will test to make sure the person using the kiosk is in that group.
What is the comma separated UUID's of your Category Administrators? *
These are the UUID's of the people who can use the Administrator HUD to manage the category. Note: The person who rez's the kiosk on the land must be an administator, otherwise they cannot initialize the category code on that kiosk.
Your answer
How do you want to manage the submissions? *
Only items that are 'Accepted' will be published on the HUD and on the HTML page.
There are three dates below. The Close Date is when the kiosk stops giving tokens. You should keep the kiosk rezzed after this date, becuase existing token owners can use the kiosk to retreive their tokens and get redelivery of folders just in case SL eats them. The registration HUDs can download their data, so even if they delete the HUD from inventory, it's possible to get all their submissions back without re-entering them.
When is your Category Close Date? *
Midnight of the Close Date is when the kiosk stops selling or providing tokens. The close date can be after the Start Date. If a resident buys or gets a token, and registers it after the start date, their item does not appear on the HUD until midnight on the following morning.
When does your Category Start? *
This is the first full day that the category appears on the HUD and on our HTML index.
When does the Category Finish? *
This is the last full day the category appears on the HUD. It is removed from the HUD at midnight after this day. Also the Finish Date must be within 30 days of the Category Start Date.
What is the fee each store owner or designer is charged to get a token for their item? *
Any value 0 or higher is possible. A 0 value shows "FREE" on the the kiosk, otherwise, the amount is clearly shown. If the kiosk is deployed on your land, you keep all money paid to it. Note: Some hacked viewers can specify amount less than the fixed amount. If the amount is less than the payment request amount, you keep the amount they gave you, no token is dispensed, and we thank them for their donation. If they complain, you will have your SL transaction logs to see they gave you an amount less than what was posted.
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How do designers specify the price for their items? *
The method you use defines how the price appears on the HUD for the item.
If you answered "FIXED" in the previous question, what is the amount that Residents are charged for items?
If your category uses a fixed price, you should create a notecard that you put in the kiosk that explains your prices and policies for your category.
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