Opportunities at Data Science Lab, GIST AI Graduate School
The Data Science Lab at GIST AI School (PI: Sundong Kim, https://sundong.kim) is hiring undergraduate interns for 2023 winter/spring, and MS/PhD students.

During your studies, you will have opportunities to build a human-like AI, teamed up with researchers in the group. While working with us, you will have lots of opportunities, both professionally and socially. We expect you to be self-motivated, and have strong technical, analytical, and English communication skills. 

* Link to project descriptions: https://bit.ly/3zgj5Vm 

Application received before Dec 11 will be considered as the highest priority. 

For those who respond this questions, I ask for a 1-on-1 or group meeting with the applicant to better understand their motivation, background, and interests. I suggest you to present a potential research idea that you'd like to explore.

Expected period for undergraduate internship will be January 2 - June 30, 2023.
* Day 1 for the MS/PhD students: Feb 27, 2023.  
* GIST students are encouraged to work off-line. Our lab is located in the 2nd floor of the AI Graduate School Bldg (S7, GIST)
Interns will submit their outcome at Korea Computer Congress 2023, which will be held in late June (see the list of the previous projects at http://sundong.kim/join/).
 If you are GIST students who are willing to join our lab as a MS/PhD student, please consider the internship opportunity.
The contract can be extendable depending on the project plan and their performance/schedule. 
- The collected information is saved only for maintaining talent pools and recruiting interns.
- We may not (financially) support interns who are currently living outside Korea or graduate students who are affiliated with other labs. But, if you are interested in our projects, we have a room to collaborate.
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