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The Incentive Outreach Application

The Incentive is a climate change news publication whose goal is to raise awareness regarding the effects of climate change on different aspects of one’s lifestyle, and through reading, eliminate the stigma that an “individual can not make an impact on climate change.” Our publication has had an impact on numerous educational facilities around the globe, impacting hundreds of students. We also manage three chapters of our organization in Virginia, New York, and California, which consist of a peer-to-peer high school climate change civic organization that aggressively addresses the current climate crisis through environmental literacy, impacting local schools, contacting companies, protesting, and participating in city council. We have successfully made an impact on mitigating climate change on a global level, through our chapters and to our readers in over 60 countries. We are strong believers that every individual, no matter their background, situation, or status, can make an impact in mitigating climate change with their initiative and passion. After all, it is our planet to save, and we are its last lifeline.

Your position, should you be selected, would to be chapter lead/president in your respective region. We will provide a handbook and guidance upon acceptance.
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