Art Slot Sign-Up
This is where you sign-up for art from Shinkamalei. It's first come, first serve. Please answer all questions. And a reminder that I can decline any request per my own discretion. All costs are displayed on my facebook page under services.
Email address *
What's your name?
Preferably the one you use facebook with. It's how I contact most clients. If you don't use that, that's fine.
What kind of art are you commissioning? *
How many chibis do you plan to order at this time?
I only do 5 per order for my sanity (don't worry too much about that). HOWEVER, depending on how busy I am, I may be able to do two orders back to back or simply slip you into another slot coming up. I can TOTALLY split things up.
If ordering lineart, please select the size.
Flat coloring, shading, and backgrounds are all extra cost. Background is determined upon discussion of what is wanted. All costs are displayed on my facebook page, under services.
No coloring
Flat Coloring
For all art, I request you fill out details. *
This does not have to be done now. But I need in-depth and know that I will be contacting you during the drawing process so I understand the character more. <---a good example
Is there a due date? *
If so, please select it.
If you submit this and there is less than two weeks before the due date, I will decide if a rush fee needs to be assessed. A rush fee is 2/3 of the entire cost of the order.
Is there anything else about this order I should know?
I use Paypal invoices. Are you okay with that? *
All payment is made up front via an invoice unless discussed otherwise. Note: If you're not okay with it, we can try to work it out, but it may be that I turn you down.
Tell me about any ideas you might have for products or services that you'd like to see me offer.
I will take these under advisement but there is no guarantee I will use them. If you want book covers, that will have to wait. I did them before but I was trying to balance too many things.
How did you hear about me?
Do you understand that this is first come, first serve and not a 100% acceptance of your order? *
Once I've looked this over and seen everything, I'll confirm if I've got your order on the docket.
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