We're Lucky to have you!
We're so Lucky to have an amazing community! You took a gamble on Lucky, and have worked hard to help make it better. We want to say thank you, and give you a gift in return.
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How this works
1. Put in that hard work to help make Lucky better.
2. Submit your name for nomination.
3. The Lucky Core team will evaluate submissions.

Below are some examples of what we will be looking for. If you feel you've met the goal, submit your info!
T-Shirt Preview
Examples of Contributions
If you've put in the hard work and done several of these things, you definitely have earned a shirt.

* Blog post
* Tutorial
* Screencast
* Evangelist: follow Lucky on twitter, star on github, active in gitter chat helping others
* Lucky extension shard (Must work with latest Lucky version)
* Significant additions/improvements to the guides
* Deployed a significant Lucky app to production
* Submitted and merged PRs that moved the needle
* Active within the last 3 months

(These are just examples, not a complete list)
Examples that we appreciate, but don't count
Due to the cost of printing and shipping, we can't give shirts to everyone. Here's a list of things we love that our community does, but won't quite meet the minimum bar.

* PRs for typos and grammar mistakes
* Semantic changes like renaming a method for clarity
* Deploying a blog or something using only auto-generated Lucky code
* Convincing others to do the above list...
* Opening a bunch of issues for bugs you've found (unless they're accompanied by PRs to fix them :p)

(These are just examples, not a complete list)
Unfortunately we can't ship to every country, and if we do, it may not always be a t-shirt. Due to COVID-19, there are some restrictions that have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. These will also be while supplies last.

Don't let that discourage you from nominating yourself! Even if we can't send you something, we still want to give you recognition! We want to recognize our amazing community, and with our busy lives, this helps us keep a list.
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