Hospitality Suite: Cookie Contest and donations!
Are you able to spend some time at VCON 41 volunteering in the Hospitality Suite? I'd love to hear from you!

Do you want to donate anything? That would be great! Scroll all the way down.

Also, we're bringing back the Cookie Contest! Bring small cookies, or brownies, or bars, or muffins, and there will be sampling and voting for Best In Show! If your thing is big, it will be cut to allow for lots of people to have a bite of many different kinds. If you're making a special shape or decoration (Dalek/Minion/Wookie/who knows!) we'll try to preserve the beauty before they're devoured.

Who are you? (Name, please!) *
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How should I contact you? *
Please give me your email address or your phone number - I will call, not text.
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Are you brave enough to be my Number 1?
I need a second in command! Do you think you'd be willing to step up a bit more than a casual volunteer? Let's talk about it!
I want to make some cookies!!
Do you have a favorite cookie or other hand-eaten dessert that you'd like to bring to the Hospitality Suite? I promise it will be delightfully consumed! Please let me know what your baked thing is.
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I can donate some other non-perishable thing!
If you feel like giving something to the Hospitality Suite, like unopened supply thing (napkins, Dixie cups...) or food things (chips, crackers, cookies, other munchies, soda), we'd be totally okay with that! If you know now, that's awesome, and if you just drop by during the Con, that's fantastic as well.
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