ClubShare Claim Form
This serves as a formal claim for damage occurred to the lister's equipment during the ClubShare rental period. Please provide information for ClubShare to better understand what happened and how to best remedy the situation.
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All Listers filing a claim must answer the below questions:
This form adheres to and is included as part of the Terms of Service of Clubshare LLC. By submitting this, you are also acknowledging prior agreed upon Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of ClubShare LLC.
What was the damage extent of your equipment? *
If your clubs were damaged, please state which clubs were damaged. (Put N/A if incident relates to other equipment or theft/loss). *
Please list the brand and model of the club(s) that were damaged. *
Please state approximate estimated cost of damages. *
Please type date of incident or rental period range if unsure. *
Were your clubs stolen/lost/missing? *
Please type your full name *
What is the email associated with your ClubShare account? *
Any additional information/details you would like to add?
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