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Tour Dates: October 15 - December 3, 2019
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About the play

Target Audience: Family (all ages) | Young Audiences | Middle School | High School

Genre: comedy, drama

Run time: 1 hour (approx 60 minutes)

Themes: empowerment, self-esteem, atypical family structure, dreams & imagination

"A story told in sound, movement and words about 9-year-old B … just plain B, like the letter, like the grade, who is about to turn 10 and is not happy about that! B knows, really knows, that before she could walk, she could fly. She is desperate to remember HOW, before the dreaded birthday comes. In a summer thunderstorm, B's treehouse is hit by lightning, and a mysterious stranger appears. She cannot speak except in strange squawks, single words and occasionally the letters "KHAQQ" … the call letters of the plane Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared and was never found. Is this creature a bird, an older woman escaped from a senior care unit or could she possibly be Amelia herself? Together they must help each other remember how to fly … literally and metaphorically." - Dramatic Publishing
("When She Had Wings" at Imagination Stage, credit: Dramatic Publishing)
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(Performances are grant-funded for Toledo Public Schools and Washington Local Schools.)
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