PPM Volunteer Survey
This questionnaire is designed to help PPM better serve volunteers. Completing the questionnaire will also help a group of WVU students complete a course requirement. Your response will be anonymous; your email will NOT be associated with your submission.
5/6/22 *
I have made produce bags, meat bag, snack bag, etc. to help families and school children in need.
I volunteered at PPM because I wanted to make a bigger impact on my local community. With most of the service that WVU offers, they are kind of a one and done, and I like that with PPM, I can keep coming back. *
2-5 times *
How likely are you to continue volunteering with PPM? On a scale of 1 (very unlikely) to 5 (very likely) *
What do you enjoy most working with PPM? *
 Please describe how well/poorly you feel PPM is organized and operated. On a scale of 1 (very poorly organized and operated) to 5 (very well organized and operated) *
Have you talked about your volunteering experience with PPM elsewhere? For example, to your friends, to your professors, at job interviews, or other? If “yes”, what did you tell them? *
What would you suggest PPM could do to make your volunteering experience better or support you as a volunteer? *
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