2020 Joe Berg Technology Survey
As we transition to our virtual seminar platform, please take a few minutes to complete our 2020 Joe Berg Technology Survey to ensure that we are reaching all of our Joe Berg Scholars, no matter their particular device or Operating System.
What platform are you currently using for School@Home/WFH? *
How do you currently connect for School@Home/WFH? (Please Check All That Apply) *
How would you connect for Virtual Joe Berg Seminars? (Please Check All That Apply) *
Which web browser would you use connect for Virtual Joe Berg Seminars? *
Do you share this School@Home/WFH device with other users? *
Joe Berg Discipline *
We are trying to stick to our Joe Berg Schedule as closely as possible- How likely are you to attend virtual seminars on Tuesday (Science) or Thursday (Humanities) evenings from 7pm - 8:30pm? *
Not Likely (It would be inconvenient)
Very Likely (It fits it my current schedule)
Is there anything you would like to add or ask?
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