2018 High School State Championship Exceptions
Use this form to register all of your player exceptions for 2018 in order to compete at the Illinois High School State Championships. School based teams are meant to be school based teams, but we understand that in some cases there are exceptions where a player does not have enough players at their school in order to start their own team.

We expect that coaches are promoting the growth of starting teams at schools that players are coming from. The spirit of the rule is that coaches are trying to grow the sport of Ultimate.

An exceptions committee has been formed and will be used to accept or decline all exceptions. If coaches do not fill out this form and do not communicate their exceptions than the team will be disqualified from the High School State Championship.

Thank you for all of your time and attention to this. As we grow as a sport, we need to make sure that we have competitive balance as a State and that rules are not being broken. Thank you for your cooperation.

State Exemption Rule:
At the discretion of the Youth State Coordinator, roster exceptions can be made to include players from schools that cannot roster a full 10 player team to participate. This is after these players and/or partial teams have demonstrated a full effort to recruit players and form a team from within their own school. This all will occur at the discretion of the Youth State Coordinator each season and previous season decisions will not be considered precedent setting. All roster exceptions will formally be communicated by Youth State Coordinator in advance of the competition.

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