GHG Inventory Tool Questionnaire

Dear GHG inventory tool User/Developer,

Please provide us with an update on the tools you use or provide for national Greenhouse Gas inventory planning, data gathering, compilation, checking and reporting. National greenhouse gas inventories play a pivotal role in the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) under the Paris Agreement. Even though various sector-specific tools with a broad range of functionalities are available globally it has been difficult to understand what tools are available and their applications. There is currently no centralized source of information on the advantages and weaknesses and applicability of these tools, or guidance for the necessary skills and services in countries.

With your help we aim to begin to centralize and consolidate information on GHG inventory and projection tools. If you leave contact details we can also start to establish a community around the use of these tools. This questionnaire is designed to assess the tools you have experience with by capturing your thoughts on functionalities, ease of use, strengths, preferences, and suggestions regarding the tools. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. We encourage you to share your knowledge of tools and to share this questionnaire with others. We hope to repay you by sharing our analysis with you and by seeding a forum for inventory compilers and tool providers to collaborate, save time and improve the quality of inventories and data for decision makers.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide feedback by the the end of JanuaryMany thanks in advance for your time and valuable input! Your participation is crucial in shaping our understanding and advancing the effectiveness of GHG inventory tools! 

Please note: If you are providing information on multiple tools, kindly submit additional questionnaire responses. 

Best regards,

Justin Goodwin - representing Aether, UNEP-CCC, ICAT and all the wonderful inventory compilers around the world

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1. Are you a tool user and/or provider?
2. Please enter the name of the tool for which you are providing feedback on. 
If you want to tell us about more than one tool please submit another response after submitting this one.
3a. Please select the GHG inventory sector, categories or cross cutting functions for which the tool is intended.
3b. Please provide information on specific subcategories or specialisms of the tool if you would like to. 
4. Please select the gases and pollutants covered by the tool. If it includes air pollutants, please add these to 'Other'.
5. Please select all applicable methodologies that the tool incorporates.
6. Please select the functionality of the tool.
7. If you are a tool provider, please elaborate on the user community associated with the tool. Which countries are using it and for what purposes?
8. Please provide details about the platform/s where the tool operates.
9. Select all applicable options to describe how users can input data into the tool.
10. Provide a detailed overview of the functional features of the tool. Select all applicable options to describe the specific functionalities embedded within the tool.
11. Provide a comprehensive overview of the output features of the tool.
12. Describe the support and guidance you received while using the GHG inventory tool or that you provide. Include details about available documentation, user manuals, online resources, or any assistance provided by the tool developers.
13. Please share the positive aspects and strengths you've observed in the GHG inventory tool you have experience with.
14. Highlight any challenges or drawbacks you have encountered while using the GHG inventory tool.
15. Please indicate the pricing structure or model associated with the tool. 

If there's a specific cost, please select 'Other'  and provide detailed information in the free text box below.

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16. Can you share case studies that highlight the practical applications and success stories related to the tool.
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