Madison District Public Schools Continuity of Learning Plan Parent Survey
We value your input on the MDPS Continuity of Learning Plan. This survey is your opportunity to give feedback, tell us what is working, and what challenges students and families are facing. The results of this survey will help us improve our practice and make necessary changes moving forward. We appreciate your responses and thank you in advance!
1. My children attend the following schools (please mark all that apply): *
2. My children are in the following grades (please check all that apply): *
3. Is there an internet connection in your home? *
4. My student(s) has adequate access to a device to ensure their participation in virtual learning. *
5. My student is sharing a device with another sibling or parent. *
6. My student has had meaningful work to accomplish each day school has been in session since the revised Continuity of Learning Plan started after Spring Break. *
7. My student understands what needs to be accomplished each day and is able to locate assignments and resources. *
8. My student is able to successfully complete the assignments using the instruction provided. *
9. The overall workload is appropriate for the current environment and everything that our family is balancing. *
10. If you responded "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree" to question 9, do you feel there is:
11. There is a person at home available to supervise my child who feels confident in assisting with on-line schoolwork. *
12. The connections and resources provided to my student are adequate to meet their social and emotional needs. *
13. If you answered "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree", what more do you need to support your student socially and emotionally?
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14. The number of opportunities for face-to-face interactions with a teacher, counselor, or other MDPS educators per week should: *
15. What type of educational environment would you feel comfortable with in the near future? *
16. What is your comfort level in sending your students back to school in the fall? *
17. What would need to be in place in the fall to help you feel most comfortable sending your student(s) back to school? *
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18. As a parent/guardian, are you in a position to provide supervision for students if the district implemented a blended or AM/PM, In-Person/Face-to-Face learning plan *
19. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
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