Volunteer/Work Trade Application: The Convergence 2018
Thanks for your interest in volunteering for The Convergence 2018!

We are also excited to offer you an opportunity to be more involved in our community and the gifts that come with being in service behind the scenes. We hope to co-create an awarding experience for you that not only serves the Convergence, but is of value to you and your journey as well.

This gathering is largely run on volunteers, and we very much appreciate your support in helping to make the Convergence a success!

Please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you soon with how you can join the Team! Opportunities are available both before the Convergence (outreach, flyering, web tech, video editing) and during the Convergence as well.

Accepted Work Traders receive discounted tickets based on the amount of time contributed against the ticket cost accordingly. We ask work trade volunteers to contribute a minimum of 4 hours for a reduced ticket rate. We value your volunteer time at approximately $15 per hour off full ticket prices. The over all cost for your ticket decreases, per the hours you are willing to work. (Ticket Details Coming Soon) Worktrade hours can be done leading up to or during the Convergence.

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