LSQG 2017 Quilt Show - Oct 20 and 21 Registration Form
1. Group participation quilts, round robins, block exchanges, etc. are accepted along with tops made solely by our Guild members.

2. If you are entering a wholecloth quilt, the Guild member must be the only maker/quilter.

3. You may enter more than one quilt in a category.

4. Enter only one quilt in the 250” perimeter and above size.
And enter only one quilt in the 150” – 249” perimeter size.
No limit in the 149” perimeter and less size.

5. Deadline for entries is September 11, 2017 (Guild meeting day)

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Cox at 816-820-5541 or

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put in the width x height; for example: 30 x 40 --------------- Note: If your item is a wearable, tote, purse, home decor, fashion accessories or apron please type N/A in the box.
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width + width + height + height = perimeter --------- Please put the perimeter of your quilt here.
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