Survey on gifted education for election candidates by Arkansans for Gifted and Talented Education (AGATE)
Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey so we can learn how we can support better our elected officials. The results of this survey will be used by our constituent group and will NOT be made public. Thank you for sharing your insight with us.
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On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate your level of understanding about gifted education in our state?
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Have you had any exposure to the educational programs listed below?
If you had experience with any of the programs mentioned above, in what role were those experiences?
What would you prefer as the best method to assist you in gaining an expanded understanding of gifted education?
Could one of your constituents, who is a member of our organization, contact you and discuss gifted education? If so, indicate your willingness below and someone will be in touch with you.
Are there any questions or concerns about gifted education or gifted students, which we can answer or address for you?
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