A DOWN LOOK: It's A Photography Series
The Down Market
2018 Fall + Winter Submissions

A Down Look. A Photo Series.
An article series of visuals from photographers around the cities of Texas and beyond.
Showcasing creatives every week.
Chosen client networks.

Each chosen submission be will featured on all of The Down Market's social media platforms, website and client networks. They will also be heavily promoted all over Texas. The demographic reaching ages 21- 46 years old.


- 8 to 10 Hi Res Photos for visual editorial of your style of work.
- Genres of Photography preferred:
* Creative, Model-Fashion, Portraiture, Street, Creative Conceptual i.e. please have at least 1-2 Landscape (horizontal) to use for editorial's cover photo.
- Must use a Google Drive link or Dropbox link to submit photos
- Feature of Photo-shoot (write a brief description of photo-shoot conception) (100 words the most)
- Please make sure a head-shot of photographer (or profile image would like to use) is included in Google Drive link or Dropbox link

* If you are unsure of the requirements above please email us with questions to: team@thedownmarket.net

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