Arts @ Large Summer Camp 2021
Arts @ Large is kicking off its 2nd year of summer camp! This year, camp will meet in person and campers will be exploring themes surrounding MILWAUKEE, STORYTELLING, FRIENDSHIP, NATURE, SOLIDARITY, and CELEBRATION via the arts. You are able to sign your child or children up for FREE, and campers will be provided with breakfast and lunch.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, A@L staff has used the following CDC guidelines to ensure a safe space for our camp:
- Limited enrollment to 15 students, 3 A@L Summer Camp staff per day.
- Temperature checks at the beginning of each camp day.
- Regular wearing of mask at all times of all A@L Summer Camp staff and campers. Carrying extra disposable masks at all time for campers.
- Regular use and carrying of hand sanitizer by all A@L Summer Camp staff for campers. The A@L Community Center has implemented hand sanitizer stations across its building.
- Daily sanitization of all spaces and surfaces in the A@L Community Center at the end of the camp day.

This year, we are accepting 15 campers per week. Below you and your child will be able to choose which week your child will be participating in. You are free to choose all weeks or certain weeks. Consideration and acceptance for camp is on a first come - first serve basis of application submission. This application closes at 11:59pm on May 28, 2021.

A@L Summer Camp will operate for six weeks, from June 21, 2021 - July 29, 2021, Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM - 1:00PM, with the exception of July 5th, 2021.

- Your child or children must live in the City of Milwaukee.
- Your child or children must be entering 3rd to 8th grade in the 2021-2022 school year.

Please fill out this application for your child to be considered for Arts @ Large Summer Camp 2021. Each application will be considered for 1 child.
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Did your child attend Arts @ Large Virtual Summer Camp last summer 2020?
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You may choose all weeks or just your preferred week(s). Please be mindful of weeks that have reach full capacity. Waitlist is for grades 3rd-4th, students in grades 5th - 8th still have openings. *
Permissions and Releases
The following questions will ask questions regarding Media Release, Behavioral Policy, and Walking Permission.
Media Release: The Arts @ Large Community Center is located in Walker’s Point at 1100 South 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204. By checking below you are allowing Arts @ Large Inc. to use their image in media-related release activities. *
Behavioral Policy: In order to ensure the Camp Program is safe and fun for everyone involved, we do have a firm and conscientious behavior policy so that all campers have a positive experience. In order for this to happen, we strive to work out any potential problems with the child and parent/guardian before withdrawing any child from our program. With that said, we do reserve the right to remove a child from Camp if their behavior is severely disruptive or creates a safety hazard. If a child is removed, the following actions will have been taken first: first infraction results in phone discussion, second infraction meeting with parent or guardian, third infraction removal. We the undersigned, have read and reviewed the Camp’s Behavior Policy and agree with the Camp’s Behavior Policy Terms. *
Walking Permission: Arts @ Large Summer Camp participants will partake in one session outside of the Arts @ large Community Center. Our campers will walk to Palifiato Park daily during the duration of Summer Camp, which is located at 315 W Walker St #301, Milwaukee, WI 53204. By signing and returning this permission slip, you are giving your permission for our trained staff to escort your child/children to and from Paliafito Park. Parents will receive a schedule that outlines when each student will be at the park.
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Important Medical Information of Your Child
The following questions below will ask question regarding your child's wellbeing and cases of emergency. Please answer the following questions with detail, if any medical attention should be applied. ***Arts @ Large staff will NOT be responsible for administering individual special medication to children***
In the case that your child needs immediate medical attention, is an Arts @ Large staff able to call 911? If this is done, Arts @ Large staff will contact 911 first, then will contact the parent/guardian or emergency contacts second to make aware.
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Does your child have any allergies? *
If yes, please describe below.
Does your child have any dietary restrictions? *
If yes, please describe below.
Does your child have any medical issues that may affect participation in activities? If there are none, please write N/A. *
Does the child require special accommodations? If there are none, please write N/A. *
Camp will begin every morning at 8:30AM. We ask that your child/children arrive at the A@L Community Center at least 15 minutes before to ensure a start at 8:30AM. Will your child have the appropriate transportation accommodations to arrive to the A@L Community Center at 8:15AM and to be picked up from the A@L Community Center at 1:00PM? *
If you chose "Other", please describe if there are special accommodations that we should be aware of, if any.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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