Casual Bus Booking Form
Please fill out a separate form for each child travelling after school on the bus on a casual basis.
HOWEVER.... if your child normally takes another bus route, please fill out a NOT TRAVELLING FROM for their usual route, and also a CASUAL BUS BOOKING FORM for the casual bus they will be travelling on, for the appropriate day.

Forms must be submitted before 12pm on the day of travel.
Please check the Tauriko School Buses page if you are unsure of the bus route your child is on.

*From T4 2020 Route 12 is now combined with Route 14
Bus Route *
Date of travel *
Student Name/s *
Room Number/s *
Bus stop / address getting off at: *
Name of adult meeting student at bus stop: *
Notified by: (Name of parent/caregiver.) *
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