AHSDFA Provincial Festival Registration Form 2017
Welcome to the AHSDFA Provincial Festival!
Please fill out all information in the form below. If you are registering as performers, please fill in the form in its entirity. If you are registering as guests, please ignore the play information section.

You will be contacted by Marc Halas, Festival CoDirector, during the week of May 1 to confirm your performance and tech times.

Please also ensure that you bring with you (as outlined in the Provincial Registration Packet):
1. Proof of Licensing
2. Zone Report (you will not be able to register without this document)
3. A letter from your school's administrator indicating all cast/ crew members meet the definition of "High School Student" as defined by Alberta Education.
4. Model Release Forms
5. 350 copies of your playbill (with appropriate warnings indicated, if applicable)
6. A cheque payable to AHSDFA in the amount of:
$160 per play
$60 per student
$30 per supervisor

We look forward to seeing you at the Registration Desk Thursday, May 5, from 10am-noon!

Is this your first time attending the festival?
Is your school performing in the festival or coming as guests?
Who is the Contact Person (lead teacher) for your production?
Your answer
What is your email address?
Your answer
What is your Zone Number?
Name of your school (this will be the name that appears on your Festival banner)
eg. FFCA High School
Your answer
What is your school's twitter tag? Or any other social media forums we can add to our database? (We will be tweeting the festival)
Your answer
What is your school's street address?
Your answer
What is your school's city?
Your answer
What is your school's postal code?
Your answer
What is your contact phone number (in case of emergencies during the festival). This is the lead teacher's phone number.
Your answer
Please indicate the exact number of students attending the festival from your school ($60/ student)
Your answer
Please indicate the exact number of supervisors attending the festival ($30/ supervisor)
Your answer
What is the title of your play? (This will go on your Provincial banner, so please be mindful of spelling)
Your answer
Who is the playwright of your play? If it is student-written please indicate in brackets beside the name)
eg. Sydney Apple (student)
Your answer
What is the length of your performance (Please, no longer than 65 minutes. Productions above 65 minutes will not be eligible for awards)
Your answer
What is your set size?
If you indicated "heavy" above, please describe.
Your answer
Special notes about your performance (that could affect tech).
eg. We use water, and it will need to be mopped after.
Your answer
What are your top three performance slot preferences?
We will endeavour to accommodate your request. If you have no preference, please check the NO PREFERENCE box below. IF YOU MUST PERFORM IN A CERTAIN TIMESLOT, PLEASE EMAIL MARC HALAS DIRECTLY: marc.halas@ffca-calgary.com
Who are your performance rights secured through? You will need to bring proof of licensing to the festival. (If student written, indicate "N/A" below.
Eg. Samuel French
Your answer
Do you have an additional comments to provide the registration committee?
Your answer
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