Newton SEPAC Special Educator Awards 2019 Nomination Form
Please nominate your educator ASAP - it will help with planning the ceremony. PLEASE only nominate those who have done exceptional work in the 2018-19 school year. DON’T feel like you must nominate your child’s whole team to avoid hurt feelings. Please submit a SEPARATE nomination for each educator using this form (i.e., no group nominations). The deadline for nominations is MAY 15, 2019.
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Please include details and examples if you can (try not to just say, “Miss Smith is great!”); Keep the nominating paragraph to 3-5 sentences (we plan to display it at the ceremony); Don’t use your child’s name (if you do, we will have to edit it out for the award ceremony)
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Thank you for your nomination! We will notify your honoree and will let you know if they will be attending the ceremony.
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