Please Give Us Feedback: Two Services at Hope Church (9am and 11am)
We are now two months into our 9am and 11am services on a Sunday
morning. We made this change to make room to grow and encourage
mission and outreach at Hope Community Church. As our local community
continues to grow around us, and as we ask the Holy Spirit to use us, we
expect growth and fruitfulness in our church.
Feedback Questions:
Thank you to all of you who have made two services a massive success so
far. But ongoing changes are inevitable. Please help us by answering these
What has been your experience of the change to two services?
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What changes to Sunday morning do you recommend and why?
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Anything else you want us to consider?
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Contact details:
Please include your name and do not give anonymous feedback. We
welcome any constructive criticism that will help us more forward, and want to
include you in the process.
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