TCEA SketchUp Pro 2021 Application
The free licensing is available only to public school K-12 educators and students in Texas.

Please consider the two scenarios below and complete the application according to which one fits your school or district's circumstances.

Scenario 1: If the program will be installed on campus, the application requires your school or district's public, outward-facing IP address in either IPv4 or CIDR block format. The IP will then be whitelisted, and you'll receive 2021 grant licenses that are valid through July 1, 2021. These licenses cannot be installed from a student's home.

Scenario 2: If ANY of your students will be installing from home, we are not required to collect the IP information. Instead, please fill in the IP address question with the response Remote Learning. You will receive special 2021 licenses that are currently valid through July 1, 2021 due to the current remote learning circumstances.

**Please note, private schools, homeschool programs, school clubs and colleges/universities do not qualify for the Statewide License Grant program. For licensing information for non-qualifying schools, visit**
Which school district will benefit from the free license(s)? *
Which campus(es) within that district will benefit from the free license(s)? *
Please list all campuses/schools that will use the software.
How many units will you install SketchUp Pro on? *
How many students will utilize this software? *
What is your Single IP (e.x. or Block IP Range (e.x. *
For security and privacy grant requirements, the IP address is the exact location (or locations) that a network exists on the web. There are several different formats for public IP addresses, however the most common form for individual addresses is IPv4. An IP address range can also be converted to a CIDR block with this free tool: If you do not know your IP address, please contact your Help Desk or Technology Department, or visit
Contact Information - Applicant
Please complete the information below so we may contact you if we have any questions. This is also where we will send correspondence, including the licensing information.
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E-mail Address *
To verify eligibility, please use the email address associated with your school or district.
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Contact Information - Administrator
If you, the applicant, will not be the person directly in charge of the installation and maintenance of the licenses, please include the contact information for this person.
Administrator's First and Last Name
Referral Source *
In order to help us continue providing educators across Texas with the latest information in educational technology, please let us know how you heard about the free SketchUp Pro licensing through TCEA.
Agreement *
I certify that the above information is correct. I understand that licenses must be used for educational purposes only and cannot be shared outside of my district or resold. I certify that I work for a public K-12 educational institution in the state of Texas.
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