Christmas Party
The annual Christmas party will take place on Sunday, 15th December at the village hall. Those aged from 2 1/2yrs up to 7yrs can attend the Jnr Party and those aged 7yrs to 16yrs can attend the Inter/Snr party. Those that are 7yrs can decide which party would suit them best. 
The Jnr Party will start at 11.00am with basic Christmas games like pass the parcel, Musical Christmas Trees, balloon games etc.... 
Party food is provided by everyone that attends. There will be a sign-up sheet in the foyer area after half term with suggested party food. Please put your name against one of the items or add your own item and bring it in on the day. The food will start at 13.30pm The Choreographic will be happen in between the Jnr Party and the Food (see newsletter for timings)
The Inter/Snr Party will start at 14.45pm and finish at approximately 16.30pm and will consist of games that involve forfeits and can also get a little bit messy.......
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