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Hello dear friends,

Up to this point, I learned from many great people. And I learned so much by studying amazingly inspiring architecture in Indonesia and around the world. Our bureau @realricharchitectureworkshop is opening the door for colleagues who want to work and study with us, whether they are aspiring architects, designers, researchers, and librarians.

As an architect, the knowledge learned during his life is only a deposit. The discipline of the architecture needs to be practiced, shared, and impact others. Accepting a new family in the studio is a sign of continuing the stick of the next generation of world architecture. Young people are the future of world architecture.We are looking for a new family - brothers, sisters, friends who will fill the memories of the process of the birth of a new family.

As Realrich Architecture Workshop (RAW Architecture) grows in Indonesia, we are calling back restless souls to experiment, learn from the ground up and want to explore design to work together with a multi-disciplinary studio team. Our designs progress from symbolic designs to more analytical designs.

We invite you to join us in RAW Architecture as our family.
For further information please contact us to kak Yudith (+62 8161644022)

Designer / Librarian in Omah Library
- Able to design space with function, shapes, and form
- Have interest to discuss design thinking
- Familiar with design tools - common CAD and Graphic
- Familiar with IT facilities
- Work on every regular time
- Good knowledge of social media
- Good knowledge of book layout and graphic design
- Basic photography and video editing is an advantage
- Experience in project management is a plus
- Able to work in well integrated team with Structure, Mechanical, and Designers.

- is able to think criticaly

Structural / MEP
- Basic Building Technical Calculations

Internship at RAW or Omah Library
- Learning all aspects of architecture

- Designing architecture and assisting Realrich and team leaders in RAW Architecture project
- Coordinating project for design research practice - management - built - administration
- Selecting, developing, cataloging and classifying material resources for projects and its administration
- Using library systems and special computer applications
- Managing budgets and resources for projects and internal
- Promoting the studio's event and resources to public, having good humble ethic for coordination and service others.

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Send us your motivation letter, curriculum vitae, portfolio to
this form by google drive link
have a question ? please contact Laurensia +62 8161644022 (Whatsapp)

We are all pursuing the same sun, which is our contribution as humans who love architecture so profoundly that its rays can illuminate the daily life where we work, live, and live together.
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