CVCC Students Survey
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Please rate the following by how strongly you agree with each statement
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My CVCC program fully meets my expectations
My CVCC instructor is very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive of me as a student
I feel physically safe in my program at CVCC.
I feel emotionally safe in my program at CVCC
Overall, I feel physically and emotionally safe everywhere at CVCC, not just in my program
My CVCC program provides me with a valuable education experience
In my CVCC program, the equipment, tools, and/or technology are in keeping with what I will need to know how to use in employment or college
I enjoy learning in my CVCC program
I understand how what I'm learning at CVCC is preparing me for college or for work after high school
There are other adults at CVCC, not just my program teacher, who care about and support my success
What are two or three things you most value or appreciate about CVCC?
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What would you change or add to make CVCC better?
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