Green Shirt Application - Arizona Game Fair 2019
Are you passionate about tabletop gaming? Do you like meeting new people? Working in a team environment? Getting into conventions early and getting to go behind the scenes? Help make Arizona Game Fair 2019 a hit by becoming a Green Shirt.

We are looking for people to help run the convention by working registration, checking out games in the library, vendor security, as well as act as liaisons for our vendors and special guests.

Green Shirts must be at least 18 years old and are expected to be punctual, reliable, accountable, and have reliable transportation. We expect you to adhere to our policies and procedures, and undertake training as requested. We ask that you also support other team members and ask for support when needed.

All Green Shirts will receive an Arizona Game Fair Green Shirt, along with a badge to the Fair. To open the experience to more people, we have introduced tiered time slots. Green Shirts are asked to help a minimum of 4 hours and upwards of 12 hours.

Green Shirt tiers
4 hours = Day badge
8 hours = Full badge
12 hours = 2 full badges

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Library- Help check games in and out of the library. Provide game recommendations as well as general information to guests.
Registration- Help check in our guests into the Convention. As well as sell badges and provide general information to our guests.
Game Central- Help guests sign up for scheduled games, tournament as well as provide general information for our guests.
Security: Help monitor the vendor hall(Evening Time Slot)
Wandering Monsters- Help ensure guests are enjoying themselves.
Setup/Take down- Help unload and setup the library as well as box up after the event.(Volunteers will be assigned to both setup/take down for badge)
What shift would you be interested in working? *
What volunteer tier level would you like to help with? *
For tier 2 and 3 volunteers: Would you prefer to work shifts back to back or have them broken up? *
Have you worked with the AZGF before? If no, have you worked at a convention before? *
Are you comfortable helping guests with general questions? *
Are your comfortable helping teaching board games and clarify rules? *
What is the reason you want to volunteer? *
I, hereby acknowledge that I am seeking to volunteer for The Arizona Game Fair. This is an uncompensated, entirely voluntary relationship initiated by my own interest to provide free service to The Arizona Game Fair to further the mission of the organization. I agree to adhere to the standards established by The Arizona Game Fair. I voluntarily choose of my own accord, and under no compulsion from The Arizona Game Fair, to perform volunteer activities without expectation of compensation for services or time rendered.I also realize that any failure to abide within the parameters of my volunteer duties, or the guidelines established by Arizona Game Fair, may result in prohibition from returning to volunteer. Since this is a voluntary position, either I or The Arizona Game Fair, may discontinue this volunteer relationship at anytime, for any reason, or for no reason at all as either party sees fit or deems necessary. *
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