Soul on Fire - Evaluation
Thank you for participating in the 2018 Regional Assembly! Help us plan the 2020 event by completing this survey.
Did you complete a paper survey at the Regional Assembly?
Was "Soul on Fire" your first Regional Assembly?
If you chose not to attend the entire assembly, please specify the reason.
Was the pre-assembly advertising / notification adequate?
What can be done to improve communication?
Generally speaking, did the overall program meet your needs?
Expectations not met
Expectations exceeded
If not, please explain how you feel it could be improved.
Check all events you attended.
What was your favorite part of the program? Please share how it nourished you or prepared you for new phases of your spiritual life.
What was your least favorite part of the program? Please explain how and why it fell short.
Please rank your overall satisfaction with each workshop you attended.
Congregational Care, Rev. Jerry Muncy, Chaplain
Evangelism: Expanding the Kingdom, Rev. Dr Stacy Spencer
God's Mission in the World, Rev. Bethany Guy
Worship in the 21st Century: How Safe Are We?, Lt. Ernest Long
Circle of Fire: Barton Stone & A Spiritual Model of Unity, Dr. Gary Holloway
Anti-Racism, Pro-Reconciliation, Rev. Dr. Judy Cummings, Rev. Jay Hartley
Young Adult Panel Discussion, Kalie & Hunter Rhodes
Did the Children’s / Youth activities meet your expectations & needs?
Please explain
Did you have enough time for networking / conversing with others?
Please explain
Please share any additional comments.
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